The Mysterious Call Behind the Escape of the Four Shabu Lab Operators

Paulo Gonzales Uy

If only the two Chinese and two Korean operators of the shabu laboratory were captured, perhaps, Jason Gonzales Uy, Paolo Gonzales Uy, Phung Yuan Estoco, and She Wang could have confessed as to who were the real protectors of the laboratory. Only that, at 2 PM, Friday of November 25th, 2016, eight (8) fully-armed men who claimed to be agents of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), allegedly helped to free these Chinese suspects on board of a brown Mitsubishi Montero.

Who could have instructed these eight heavily armed men to proceed to the area and send warning to the culprits? We would like to supplement additional information to that news written in one of the local newspapers in Catanduanes.

In the morning of November 25, 2017, Captain Jomar C. Clavel of the 83rd Infantry Battalion received a call from Police Chief Inspector Charles De Leon instructing him to be ready to reinforce as they will conduct a raid on the shabu laboratory at Palta Small, Virac, Catanduanes. Clavel said that he waited the entire day for a call from De Leon – a call which never came.


Capt. Jomar Clavel, 83rd Infantry Batallion

Catanduanes Politics wonders why the call did not happen. A suspicious mind would have their natural tendency to doubt that, perhaps, De Leon, did not want Clavel to know what transpired next. Clavel, in one of his casual conversations with a trusted souce of Catanduanes Politics, confessed that he suspected De Leon to be one of the eight armed men who entered the premises of the laboratory without search warrant on November 25. What comes to be perplexing is that, when Clavel had the opportunity to speak about what he knew about the November 25 incident, he never disclosed any vital information during the February 23, 2017 public hearing.

Another trusted source disclosed before Catanduanes Politics that on the same day, some elements of the 83rd Infantry Batallion, led by 1st Lieutenant Dennis Monta, was in the vicinity of the lab, and upon the pull-out of the eight armed men, FL Monta, received a mysterious call, commanding him to pull-out his troops. After that, the brown Mitsubishi was seen leaving the clandestine laboratory.

Monta reacted negatively against the command, but as a military man, he was obliged to comply to the orders given to him.

However, the story doesn’t end that easily, because many questions are still left unanswered.

Who could have possibly called FL Monta? Is it PCI Charles De Leon, or Captain Jomar Clavel?

If it is De Leon, then he is just obviously the tip of the iceberg. Somebody stronger and more powerful is behind him.

Who could be behind all of these?

Check out on our next exposé.

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