Angelica Balmadrid’s involvement in the drug laboratory – Is she a lessee or an owner?


Letter of Municipal Engineer Cipriano T. Almojuela, Jr. to Mayor Samuel Laynes. The underlined part details that Angelica Balmadrid vouched for Jason Gonzales Uy because she is the owner of the lot.

The building permit of the warehouse became a hot issue during the discovery of the shabu lab allegedly operated by Jason Gonzales Uy. However, there are still missing pieces in the puzzle. How did the building construction continue when there was no building permit that should have been issued by then Virac Mayor Flerida Alberto?

On November 28, 2016 a letter was written by Municipal Engr. Cipriano T. Almojuela, Jr. in response to the inquiry of Virac Mayor Samuel “Sammy” Laynes whether a certain Jayson Uy applied or seeks for approval for a building permit in their office.

Taking a closer look on the letter of Municipal Engr. Cipriano T. Almojuela, Jr. addressed to Virac Mayor Sammy Laynes, he stated that on March 14, 2016, Ms. Angelica Balmadrid visited their office purposely to help Mr. Uy secure a building permit in the sense that she is the owner of the lot and Mr. Uy is leasing their property.

On this note, Balmadrid affirmed that she is the owner of the property where the clandestine shabu lab was discovered and not a lessee as what is mentioned in the reports.  It is clearly stated in the letter that she owns the lot, so why did it appear in media reports that she is the lessee and subleased the property to Jason Uy?

Now there is a great difference between being a lessee and an owner of a land. Lessee is the person who rents land or property from a lessor. He or she is known as the tenant, and must uphold specific obligations as defined in the lease agreement and by law. The landowner, however, is simply the owner of the land, especially a large amount.

Engr. Almojuela definitely knows the difference between an owner and a lessee. He is certainly not off-minded who cannot distinguish the two terms.

Now, the question here is the reason behind why Angelica Balmadrid vouched Jason Uy to apply for a permit in the Municipal Office.

Why does Angelica Balmadrid have to accompany Jason Uy, and why does she have to vouch for him to apply for a permit in the Municipal Office? Is there a special treatment, or is there something going on between the two of them?

Who is Angelica Balmadrid? What is her connection to Jason Uy and her possible involvement in the emergence of the clandestine laboratory in Barangay Palta Small, Virac, Catanduanes? While it is known that she Eric Isidoro’s common-law wife, why is it that Isidoro is elusive and is somehow not being investigated as one of the people involved in the shabu lab?


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