The grand deception on the discovery of the shabu laboratory in Palta Small

We are made to believe a big, fat, lie.

Ever since the discovery of the clandestine laboratory in Barangay Palta Small, one of the names linked to its construction is Virac Mayor Samuel “Sammy” Laynes.

How can some members of the local media afford in their very dull senses to link the name of the Virac mayor in the emergence of the shabu laboratory when it was obviously not during his term that the laboratory was constructed? In fact, the said laboratory emerged during the term of former Mayor Flerida “Nanette” Alberto.

Also, if you happen to compare the two, the difference between them would be obvious. While Mayor Laynes had an outstanding performance as the former General Manager of the First Electric Cooperative Inc. (FICELCO), Alberto’s name got tainted because of her involvement in the pork barrel scam. Between Flerida Alberto and Mayor Laynes, the latter stands out to be way more credible, the proof why Sammy Laynes was chosen by the Viracnons as their mayor instead of the former.

Of what then are the motives behind the desperate move to involve Mayor Sammy Laynes in the construction of the shabu laboratory?

First, it could be the Albertos trying to pin down Mayor Laynes so that they can come back with ease in the position on the next elections. In case Flerida Alberto desires to run for mayor again, Mayor Laynes will cause her a serious bump in the road.

Also, let us consider that Flerida Alberto and Elizaldy “Zaldy” Co of Sunwest Water and Electric Co. Inc. (SUWECO) have existing political alliances. Some reports reaching Catanduanes Politics says that Zaldy Co offered 25 million pesos election money for Flerida Alberto, only to assure that Mayor Laynes will lose in the 2016 electoral contest.

Why would Zaldy Co support the former mayor? Simple. The SUWECO chairman wished to get even with Mayor Laynes as the latter gave him a huge headache in the matter of approving SUWECO’s Electricity Supply Agreement (ESA). The said controversial agreement was the cause of high power rates collected from consumers here in the province. That is why out of the blue, some members of the local media launched a propaganda blitz against Mayor Laynes, by order of SUWECO.

As of this writing, Mayor Samuel Laynes is not, in any way, involved in this shabu laboratory, proof of which, he was not included in the names of those who were charged for the existence of the lab.

The final analysis of the matter is that there are some hard losers in the local political arena of Catanduanes politics who cannot humbly accept defeat, and these people are being capitalized by a greedy businessman from the mainland, who sees the province of Catanduanes as his milking cow, and satisfies himself by “milking” money out of the consumers’ pockets.


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