A Petition for Every Catandunganon

The Loser Trio

(From left:former Governor Araceli Wong, Congressman Cesar Sarmiento, and former Vice Governor Jose Teves)

An online petition asking and urging the Provincial Government of Catanduanes through the Provincial Peace and Order Council (PPOC) to conduct a public inquiry to further investigate on the establishment of the Shabu Laboratory in Palta Small, Virac, Catanduanes.

We strongly believe that for a shabu laboratory to be established here in Catanduanes, there is definitely a protection or permission coming from the local officials.

We would like to hear the side and the explanation of these people:


  1. Former Provincial Governor Araceli “Cely” Wong
  • She was the Governor of the Province when the Shabu Laboratory was established sometime in September 2015 until its completion in March 2016.


  1. Incumbent Congressman Cesar Vergara Sarmiento –
  • What was his relation to the heirs of the Late Judge Ulpiano Sarmiento and his Wife, the late Sarah Sarmiento?
  • What is his relation to Atty. Ulpiano “Olan” Sarmiento Jr. (San Beda-Alabang College of Law Dean)?
  • Why is it that our beloved Congressman seem to evade from subjecting the original owner of the property where the Shabu Laboratory was constructed during the February 23 hearing when in fact, the real purpose should have been about the House Resolution 585 (directing the Philippine Coast Guard, Maritime Industry Authority, Office of the Transport Security, Land Transportation Office, and other government agencies to intensify and coordinate their efforts to suppress the trafficking of illegal drugs within the country) but the discussion went on to tackle the Shabu Laboratory Controversy?
  • Why did Congressman Cesar Sarmiento exclude the name of Atty. Eric Isidoro among the resource persons listed in the guest list of the said hearing?

PaboBONG Teves

  1. Former Vice Governor Jose “Bong” Joson Teves –
  • For him to explain his knowledge about the transactions of the late Larry Que, considering that the latter shifted his political support from former Governor Araceli Wong to his Camp.
  • What is his knowledge on the transactions of Mr. Que and Mr. Leo Vallespin. (See attached sworn statement of Mr. Leo Vallespin)

LEO 001

Sworn statement of Mr. Leo Vallespin, handwritten.

  • What is his knowledge about the alleged participation of his Tau Gamma Phi Brother, Major Charles De Leon in the escape of the Shabu Laboratory Operator, Paulo Gonzales Uy?

Eric Isidoro

  1. Eric Isidoro and his common-law wife, Ms. Angelica Balmadrid –
  • Isidoro, being the alleged owner of the property from the original owner and the heirs of Ulpiano Sarmiento (See attached letter of Municipal Engr. Cipriano Almojuela). Stated on this letter, Ms. Angelica Balmadrid allegedly claimed that they are the owner of the property.


The letter of Municipal Engr. Cipriano Almojuela to Virac Mayor Samuel Laynes.

  • Being the former chief of the NBI Anti-illegal Drugs Division, why would he allow his common-law wife, Angelica Balmadrid, to transact with Mr. Paulo Gonzales Uy?


  1. Former Virac Mayor, Mrs. Flerida “Nanette” Alberto –
  • The Shabu Laboratory was constructed during her term as Mayor of the municipality of Virac. No sane mind will accept an excuse that prior to construction, the owner of the property should not seek permission from her office.
  • The Shabu Laboratory was erected 300 meters away from her residence in Barangay Simamla, Virac, Catanduanes. It is definitely unbelievable that she has no knowledge about its existence.

The people of Catanduanes whilst thankful that the Shabu Laboratory was discovered and was put to halt, deserves clear and truthful answers to these questions as to who are the real personalities behind this.

Catandunganons deserve justice to this failed attempt to smear our image as a peaceful island province in this part of our country.

No more politics! We want real answers!

Sign up now on this online petition by posting your comments on this post along with the official hashtags, #RealAnswersNOW  #Catanduanes4RealChange.

10 Comments on A Petition for Every Catandunganon

  1. uswag Catanduanes
    Make it a peaceful land to leave
    #RealAnswersNOW #Catanduanes4RealChange.


  2. . Everybody Catandunganon deserves the truth .Make Catanduanes great again!!


  3. I posted here as my petition but it was deleted , wonder what happend?


  4. #RealAnswersNow #Catanduanes4RealChange


  5. #realAnswersnow


    • True, indeed. I-share pa po natin ito at ang Catanduanes Politics sa madla upang malaman ng mga tao ang katotohanan! 😀


  6. Bring back the peace & safety in Catanduanes!!
    #RealAnswersNOW #Catanduanes4RealChange


    • True, indeed. I-share pa po natin ito at ang Catanduanes Politics sa madla upang malaman ng mga tao ang katotohanan! 😀


  7. jobholiday@yahoo.com // March 29, 2017 at 10:44 am // Reply

    All Catanduanes loving citizens must be united in the crusade against all evils, be it illegal drugs, crimes & corruptions for a bright future of Catanduangan youth.All LGU leaders & private citizens who had a hand on the controversy must be held accountable & the verdicts must face the consequence. With upcoming approval of death penalty on crimes related to illegal drugs, the would be guilty culprits are on the look-out.Thorough investigation be made & authentic Criminal Justice System rule to the max.


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