Ang Nalalapit na Seasons of Tokhang sa Catanduanes

November 7, 2018 // 0 Comments

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Bago pa man dumanak ang dugo sa napipintong pagdating ni Espenido, dapat munang mabatid ng mga Catandunganon kung ano ang boses nito sa aspetong moral  na paniniwala. Una, handa ba tayo sa posibleng madugong pangyayari na dala ng Tokhang? Kung may collateral damage man ito o sadyang may dalang karet ng kamatayan, gaano ba tayo handa sa trauma na pwedeng ihatid nito sa ating pamayanan? Mahinahon at payapa ang mga Catandunganon. Isa ito sa probinsiyang may pinakamababang tala ng krimen. (continue reading...)

Wag kang papansin. Please.

February 15, 2018 // 0 Comments

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Nakakalungkot nga naman talaga ang resulta ng Palarong Bicol. Last na naman tayo. Balita ko last din daw tayo last year. Gagamit ako ng ‘huhuhu’ para makitang sad nga ako. See? Hindi natin masisisi ang ating mga atleta kung ganun ang resulta. Sa tingin ko sa simula palang mababa na ang kanilang moral dahil sa kahihiyayan. Dahil mas malungkot pa ang EPAL moments sa opening ceremony kaysa sa mismong resulta.   Tingnan mo naman ang ibang delegation, walang mga dalang tarp ng politico. (continue reading...)

It’s just a speck, but a major blunder: Catanduanes Today’s maiden issue’s major mistake

April 5, 2017 // 0 Comments

Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu once said, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” If you start it right, you end it right. However, it seems like it is not the case for a new local newspaper in Catanduanes. On its maiden issue, Catanduanes Today included an article regarding the discovered clandestine laboratory in Barangay Palta Small, Virac, Catanduanes. Some people may simply be unable to see it, but an unforgivable mistake has occurred on one of its articles. On (continue reading...)

The Mysterious Call Behind the Escape of the Four Shabu Lab Operators

March 31, 2017 // 0 Comments

If only the two Chinese and two Korean operators of the shabu laboratory were captured, perhaps, Jason Gonzales Uy, Paolo Gonzales Uy, Phung Yuan Estoco, and She Wang could have confessed as to who were the real protectors of the laboratory. Only that, at 2 PM, Friday of November 25th, 2016, eight (8) fully-armed men who claimed to be agents of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), allegedly helped to free these Chinese suspects on board of a brown Mitsubishi Montero. Who could have (continue reading...)

PDRRMO’s and the Provincial Government of Catanduanes’ poor response on Typhoon Nina

March 31, 2017 // 0 Comments

I would like to invite everybody to read this article and ponder on it. Catanduanes, being the Land of the Howling Winds, experienced something more worse – poor response of the PDRRMO after the onslaught of Typhoon Nina when it hit the province on Christmas Day. To know more about it, click the title below leading to a blog detailing how abysmal the response of the Provincial Government of Catanduanes was before, during, and after the typhoon. T’was the season to be wary: The poor (continue reading...)

The Untold Story of the Shabu Lab in Palta Small

March 28, 2017 // 2 Comments

Based on the November 24,2016 accounts receivable ledger under customer name Jason Gonzales Uy with account number 01550852, it turned out that from July 2016 to August 2016, the electric bill spiked from 18,952.50Php to a whopping 55,102.88Php. In September, it became  41,498.37Php; in October, 42,479.27Php; and in November, was 20,822.02Php. Now, for the span of eight months starting April 2016 to November, Jason Uy has an accumulated electric bill of 184,914.21. There is no big deal on such (continue reading...)

Angelica Balmadrid’s involvement in the drug laboratory – Is she a lessee or an owner?

March 27, 2017 // 0 Comments

The building permit of the warehouse became a hot issue during the discovery of the shabu lab allegedly operated by Jason Gonzales Uy. However, there are still missing pieces in the puzzle. How did the building construction continue when there was no building permit that should have been issued by then Virac Mayor Flerida Alberto? On November 28, 2016 a letter was written by Municipal Engr. Cipriano T. Almojuela, Jr. in response to the inquiry of Virac Mayor Samuel “Sammy” Laynes whether a (continue reading...)

The grand deception on the discovery of the shabu laboratory in Palta Small

March 24, 2017 // 0 Comments

We are made to believe a big, fat, lie. Ever since the discovery of the clandestine laboratory in Barangay Palta Small, one of the names linked to its construction is Virac Mayor Samuel “Sammy” Laynes. How can some members of the local media afford in their very dull senses to link the name of the Virac mayor in the emergence of the shabu laboratory when it was obviously not during his term that the laboratory was constructed? In fact, the said laboratory emerged during the term of former (continue reading...)

Online appeal exposed to dig deeper on shabu lab issue

March 23, 2017 // 0 Comments

An online appeal has been exposed in the social media asking for the Provincial Peace and Order Council (PPOC) to conduct a public inquiry to further investigate the establishment of the shabu laboratory in Palta Small, Virac, Catanduanes. The discovery of the clandestine shabu laboratory last November 26, 2016 wreaked havoc in the province that caused uproar not only within the locality but also nationally. Law enforcers found equipment that is believed to produce methampethamine hydrochloride (continue reading...)

A Petition for Every Catandunganon

March 22, 2017 // 10 Comments

An online petition asking and urging the Provincial Government of Catanduanes through the Provincial Peace and Order Council (PPOC) to conduct a public inquiry to further investigate on the establishment of the Shabu Laboratory in Palta Small, Virac, Catanduanes. We strongly believe that for a shabu laboratory to be established here in Catanduanes, there is definitely a protection or permission coming from the local officials. We would like to hear the side and the explanation of these people: (continue reading...)